Outstanding Grease Trap in Salt Lake City

What is a Grease Trap in Salt Lake City?

Your property’s septic and sewer systems may be designed to take in, break down, and dispose of various waste materials, but there is one thing that these tough structures cannot handle — grease. Excessive amounts and accumulation of oils, fats, and the like can impair the functionality of both septic and sewer systems, and eventually cause harmful blockages and overflows. To avoid this, a high-grade and professionally installed grease trap in Salt Lake City will help.

More often than not, property owners are not that aware of what a grease trap is. Simply put, a grease trap or interceptor acts as some sort of wastewater filter and receptacle, which separates the grease from the rest. With this device, pipes will be clear of grease and clogs and backups will be prevented. Know, however, that a grease trap in Salt Lake City also needs regular maintenance since the container will then be filled up over time and may need some pumping as well as repairs due to daily wear and tear.

There are many varieties of grease traps used these days and it is best to consult with a professional to determine which one is best for your property. The same thing applies to the installation and maintenance work. This way, you are guaranteed that your system is receiving the proper and ample care it needs to remain highly functional.

If you are in need of a grease trap in Salt Lake City as well as any sewer and plumbing work, A & B Sewer Inc. got you covered. Our experienced team of professionals can take care of all your concerns and provide you with exceptional work with ease. Do not postpone the chance to make your property a safer and more comfortable one. Call us at 801-860-3774 and we’ll show you the difference that we can make!

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